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Richmond Spurs are a fun-loving group of people who share their love of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Come join us at the pub on game days – see schedule below.

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Contact Us

We are an informal group, communicating regularly on our Facebook page, which is the easiest way to reach us. You can also reach us via the club’s Twitter account, or reach out to some of our Board members via Twitter.

Join Us at the Pub: 2018-19 Schedule

Date Time Opponent RVA Spurs Pub
08/11/2018 7:30am Newcastle United v THFC Penny Lane
08/18/2018 10:00am THFC v Fulham Penny Lane
08/27/2018 3:00pm Manchester United v THFC Penny Lane
09/02/2018 11:00am Watford v THFC Penny Lane
09/15/2018 7:30am THFC v Liverpool Rare Olde Times
09/22/2018 12:30pm Brighton v THFC Penny Lane
09/29/2018 7:30am Huddersfield Town v THFC Penny Lane
10/06/2018 10:00am THFC v Cardiff City Penny Lane
10/20/2018 10:00am West Ham United v THFC Penny Lane
10/27/2018 10:00am THFC v Manchester City Penny Lane
11/03/2018 9:00am Wolverhampton v THFC Penny Lane
11/10/2018 10:00am Crystal Palace v THFC Rare Olde Times
11/24/2018 10:00am THFC v Chelsea Penny Lane
12/01/2018 10:00am Arsenal v THFC Penny Lane
12/05/2018 3:00pm THFC v Southampton Penny Lane
12/08/2018 10:00am Leicester City v THFC Penny Lane
12/15/2018 10:00am THFC v Burnley Penny Lane
12/22/2018 10:00am Everton v THFC Penny Lane
12/26/2018 10:00am THFC v A.F.C. Bournemouth Penny Lane
12/29/2018 10:00am THFC v Wolverhampton Penny Lane
01/01/2019 10:00am Cardiff City v THFC Penny Lane
01/12/2019 10:00am THFC v Manchester United Rare Olde Times
01/19/2019 10:00am Fulham v THFC Penny Lane
01/30/2019 3:00pm THFC v Watford Penny Lane
02/02/2019 10:00am THFC v Newcastle United Penny Lane
02/09/2019 10:00am THFC v Leicester City Penny Lane
02/23/2019 10:00am Burnley v THFC Penny Lane
02/27/2019 2:45pm Chelsea v THFC Penny Lane
03/02/2019 10:00am THFC v Arsenal Penny Lane
03/09/2019 10:00am Southampton v THFC Penny Lane
03/16/2019 11:00am THFC v Crystal Palace Penny Lane
03/30/2019 11:00am Liverpool v THFC Rare Olde Times
04/06/2019 10:00am THFC v Brighton Penny Lane
04/13/2019 10:00am THFC v Huddersfield Town Penny Lane
04/20/2019 10:00am Manchester City v THFC Penny Lane
04/27/2019 10:00am THFC v West Ham United Penny Lane
05/04/2019 10:00am A.F.C. Bournemouth v THFC Penny Lane
05/12/2019 10:00am THFC v Everton Penny Lane