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About Richmond Spurs

A group for all the Yiddos in Central Virginia to share in their mutual love of the greatest club in the world, Tottenham Hotspur. Be sure to join us on match days at Penny Lane Pub in downtown Richmond. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Board of Directors

Chuck Savage, Chair
Justin Barnes, Vice Chair
Jason Wood, Treasurer
Sarah Getzler, Secretary
BJ Barnes, At-large (Princess of Fun)
George Bishop, At-large
Chris Capurso, At-large
Matt Leary, At-large
Peyton Lowery, At-large
Larry Getzler, At-large
Ben Astaire, At-large
Drew Burnett, At-large
Robbie Asplund, exofficio non-voting member
Nicholas Kosar, special exofficio as web-manager